Friday, August 19, 2011

Good and Bad News...

Hey guys!

Lots of stuff has been going on lately! :) I try to update more often, but it never seems to work for me.

The first assignment for BGS is O V E R! It was so awesome, though, and a big congratulations to Mark, the winner for the week.

He did a fabulous job of showcasing Clemence's good and bad side.

Team Teal took the team prize for the week, so they will get a sneak preview of the next assignment as soon as I close it for the week. So excited to see what they do with the new one! I won't bore you all with the details of the comp, just in case you aren't interested, but you can check it all out on the Wix.

-->Click Here for BGS Wix<--

In other modeling news...GJWHF Cycle 3 is set to open for signups on September 10th! :) I posted a thread in S&M on the officials, accepting applications for a co-host...and I picked one!

We will be welcoming PistolKitten on board with us for the next cycle! :) I am so excited. I think she has a real feel for the competition, since she is the winner of the last cycle. I also think that she is a great judge, and obviously her pictures are amazing. We have already been brainstorming ideas to make this next cycle the most fun that it can possibly be! :)

Also with us for this cycle will be MzDiamond. It was hard to turn her down as a cohost, but thankfully, she agreed to help us out with judging.

Because GJWHF is a comp that my friends like to compete in, I will not be judging, but I will still be doing my Host's Choice, so you will be hearing from me! :)

In other sim news, Sim Social has really taken the sim world by storm, no? It's sort of fun, even if it is a little dinky, and I find myself wanting to level up constantly. It can be addictive, I will admit. I try to limit myself, though.

In case you find yourself wanting to add me, you can find me here:

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Now for the bad news...

I know that not all of you that read this read my legacy, and I know that not everyone that reads my legacy reads my sim blog, so I will be posting there, too.

Sadly, the Braxton's are dead. I cannot even remember the number of times that I have had to recreate that save, or start over, and I am just not feeling it anymore. At a certain point, I guess you just disconnect from that sim family, and you can't get it back. I tried my hardest, and it was really heartbreaking, but I had to make a decision.

With all of the things that I have had going on, maybe it was time for a fresh start, who knows?

With that in mind, I have a little bit of happy news...I started a new one! :)

Jordy is turning out to be a sweetheart, and while I had my misgivings at first, about learning to play a new sim...she really won me over with her uniqueness.

I mean, could YOU say no to this face?

Her traits are Childish, Green Thumb, Hopeless Romantic, Absent-Minded, and Clumsy.

She is precious. <3

Anyways, I hope that you all choose to read her story when it debuts (hoping next week!) and that you will love her as much as I do! :)

I think that is all for now! Hopefully I will be back soon with a Jordy update! Oh, and Venus is coming this week, too! YAY! Final chapter! :)

Hugs N Kisses,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekly Happenings of ME!

Hey, y'all!

It's been a long week, and lots of things have happened! First things first, I turned older on Monday! It was my 27th birthday, and it was one of my best ones ever.

My awesome friend, Phebes, started a beautiful thread for me over at Simpure, which contained a lovely picture that she made, and also an AMAZING video done by Bordelinski. I was shocked to TEARS! I just love these two so much. They are amazing friends, and wonderful people! *hugs them both*

You can view that thread (and the picture and video) here:

In other news, I have so many pictures and things that friends have made for me, that I am going to start a page on this blog featuring all of their lovely photographs! :) It excites me so much when people make things for me!

In story news, you can read the new chapter of Venus here:
There is only one more chapter left after this one!

The Braxton's will be coming soon, but I wanted to get Venus finished up first. I can't wait for you guys to see what I have in store for Blaze!

Also, Sugar and Spice will have a new chapter up THIS MONTH, I am hoping. *crosses fingers* I have so many projects! I hate that one is on the back burner!

In modeling news, I placed 8th in Strike-A-Pose this week. I think I am not understanding what sort of modeling competition this is. I always seem to miss it, even though I am proud of my pictures so far.

She is portraying her celebrity "idol." With the help of Phebes, I decided to use Kim Kardashian.

I am already brainstorming for the next assignment!

In my personal comp news...

(photo by Phebes!)


I love GJWHF, but BGS is turning out to be something so awesome. I just love it.

I think it's because I am sharing it with two such awesome and talented people. <3

B and Phebes have offered an IMMEASURABLE amount of help for this competition, and I so appreciate it.

You can find out info on it here:

And you can also check out the Wix site I have created!

I am having so much fun with this! :) I will definitely be keeping you guys posted with what goes on in this one!

If you are on the lookout for GJWHF Cycle 3 - you can plan on it starting around the beginning of September! :) I am ready to get that show back on the road, too...I miss it!

Photo of the Week picks up a little more speed every week, as well. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get out last weeks pick yet, so I am gonna do them both at the same time.

If you are interested in that weekly competition, you can find it here:

There is definitely some talent being showcased there...and it is encouraging some new people to get started in the modeling community. I always like that. :)

Also, for those of you that are interested in the new world that will be coming out later on in the month, Brad is running a competition to give it away to one lucky person!

If you wanna give that a can find it here:

Hope you guys have an awesome week!

*hugs N kisses*