Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello, World! 04/30/11

I will be using this blog as my main one to let everyone know what I'm doing with my game, competitions, and, of stories!

Which  means, you will be hearing from me a lot more often, because I do so much more than just write stories.

I make sims, and am also very active in the Modeling community.

From now on, if you check right here, this will let you know what I have been up to, and what I am working on. This means updates on families, sneak previews, etc.

I have people ask me about my sims from time to time, so I have made a blog for them as well. I will start posting some of my models that I have made, as well as some of the townie remakes that I have done. I will be posting their .sim files to mediafire, and adding a list of important CC that I use.

From time to time, if I find things that I think other simmers might like, I will point you in the right direction.

In short, this is a general dumping ground! *lol*

Also, I will update y'all when I write in my personal blog, as I see that I have a few lurkers even though I have not written in quite awhile. You never know what silliness I might be thinking!

As far as updates for today, we have "Venus Does Riverview" Chapter 8, in which we find out what exactly happened to Brad, and we get a few surprises! (More than a few, actually! ;-)

In addition to this, I have been busy working on my competition, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!. Lurkers are encouraged, and at the end of every assignment, there is a poll for you to vote on your favorite entry! There is definitely a lot of talent going on there. In case you are interested, I am also competing in Sensation's Next Top Model (with Venus!) and I just joined Exotica Cycle 5, with my new model, Devani. I seem to always have a weakness for joining BeechNutBaby's comps! She's such a good host.

Speaking of Exotica - Yesterday, I came in first place in Cycle 4, with Fiona Braxton from The Braxton Legacy! So, congrats, Fiona! *lol*

In between all of this, I spend time chatting with my friends down at Mikezumi's 100 Baby Challenge - "Mortimer Goth - The Inseminator", which is a really good story! (We also do a LOT of chatting! *lol*)

Also, I work with "Sensation Magazine" as a photographer/writer.

It is run by BeechNutBaby (*lol*) and you can find the most recent issue here:

Sensation's Official Thread!

Well, I think that is all for today!

On the list for tomorrow is:

-Modeling entry for SNTM
-Setting up my sim blog page (and introducing y'all to my new model!)
-Hopefully working with The Braxton's a little! ;-)