Friday, June 10, 2011

06/11/11 - Various Crap.

Long time, no post! :)

I have been spending way too much time chatting over at Unbound lately. It has been hindering my simming abilities, but on the bright side, I have made a lot of new friends! :-) I can't really complain about that, can I?

I have also installed Generations, and been having a crapload of problems with it. I started out with Devani and Arden, but sadly, they had so many problems that I had to leave them alone, and start with someone new. So, now I am playing with Venus's daughter, Jewel! There have been a few minor problems, but nothing too big.

I started Cycle 2 of GJWHF, and it is going really well! There are a lot of great contestants! PistolKitten was just announced the winner of assignment 1. You can find out more info about that here:
All About Me is running as slow as molasses. I don't know what the problem with that is, but I am going to try to make an epic assignment that will revive it. :-)

I have just retired from competing for the time being, I just have too much on my plate right now. BUT...I went out with a bang! Me and Venus won Sensation's Next Top Model!

I was pretty excited about that. It's obvious that I try to do everything I can to not edit photos at all, but I ended up taking myself out of my comfort zone, and started editing photos more. After AAM is finished, and I wrap up Venus's story, I might compete again. It was hard for me to resist joining Bliss's comp, Pink, but I had to. I need to get more into my stories.

Speaking of stories, there will be a Braxton update coming this week! I have enough photos for one more chapter, before Generations flubbed my game up. Everything else us pretty much on pause until I can get everything settled with the new EP. Hopefully, it won't be TOO long, because I am ready to get Venus finished, the next Generation of the Braxton's started, and another fairytale written for Sugar and Spice!

Speaking of Venus *lol*...

I have uploaded Garnett and Jewel to my sim blog. You can find there there:

Jewel is certainly a character. She has a personality just like her mother. Garnett is VERY much a ladies man!

While he was waiting to have his picture taken for the blog, he was outside having some fun:

The models swarmed him. :-) And who would be standing beside him? None other than my simself in her pajamas. *lol*

There should be some more sims uploaded soon, I have to make a few more for my Sensation stories this month! :-)

I have two articles due by tomorrow, and I still have a little work left to do on them. I hope to have some time to work on them this evening, if I can keep myself from the chat box! *lol*

Anyways, have a great weekend, everyone!



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  2. *lol* The PJs ARE pretty fab, aren't they?? :-D

    I think he looks like he is saying "Ladies, please - one at a time!" hehe.