Monday, July 25, 2011

Fan Mail

In case anyone is wondering why GJWHF was cancelled:

Dearest Fel,

You need to stop with the hidden bitchy, hypocritical comment in your damn competition threads. We are all aware who your 'real friends' are, your ass-kissing minions who followed Miss Popular over to her new site. You can cut the shit now, everyone sees right through you. Take your shitty, biased-competitions (Phebes for Host Choice, Crowd Fav, AND 1st? How dumb do you think we are? Obviously not as dumb as your "real" friends), over to your shitty forum and just leave everyone alone already.

You are such a fake cunt it's not even funny. Up and abandon everyone at the first sign of attention, ignore everyone who doesn't pat you on the head about how fantastic your new forum is. Shit on people you once called your friends because they refuse to do what you say. Can't take Brad's cock out of your mouth long enough to respond to the little people anymore?

I regret ever calling you beautiful. You have made yourself into an ugly, horrible person. You could see it in the mirror if you were tall enough to see over the damn sink.

I sincerely hope you rot in hell. Any bad that you have coming to you is only shit you brought on yourself. When your precious site fails, don't come crawling back to us. Not me, (name deleted), (name deleted), (name deleted), (name deleted), anyone. You've lost the only real friends you had in favor of people to kiss your ass. I hope you're fucking happen being queen of the morons, you've most certainly earned the position.

Never speak to me again, my time is better spent on people who aren't attention whores like you.

I don't appreciate vile, disgusting, and threatening hate mail from someone I have not spoken to in a month. I was keeping to myself. There was no need for this.

I have done nothing to hurt anyone, and I do not deserve to be treated in this way.

I felt like some people might want an explanation.

On the bright side - I learned something fun:

Unstable people are unstable.

That is all.


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